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First, it helps you to build your own network of leads. This is your very
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  Income stream #1 - You earn a one-time commission from our one-time-offer.
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hits2u - not residual

FREE or PRO affiliate members can be paid for referring paying members to
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  a.. Earn commission from orders made by a member who you refer.
  b.. Earn commission from orders made by a member within your group
  c.. Earn residual income each time a member who you referred or a member
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Welcome To Virtual Ca$h Zone!

Virtual Cash Zone (VCZ) is a brand new affiliate network program
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Our system will include a whole range of new features

never shown, that will leave our competitors way behind!
The Virtual Cash Zone offers a free membership in a unique web store format,
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What Is Making Virtual Cash Zone Unique?

Virtual Cash Zone is a web store, but then with a sort of a triple twist...

The first twist is that with other programs similar as VCZ,
you have to sell the whole store to make money,
at VCZ you earn commission when you sell products
separately from our Products Catalogue.

The second twist is that Virtual Ca$h Zone is website within a affiliate
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===> AND also pays you commission on sales done by your downline
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This gives you real earning power, because unlike other similar programs
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We at VCZ pays you a massive 80% (!)
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And last, but certainly not least... Virtual Ca$h Zone also brand all the
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All VCZ Members get a massively filled (and always expanding) database
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We continue add new products to this database so that your list
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===> become the next
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Promoting the products will be child play easy:
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Promotion tools like:

 Professional Sales Copy
 Splash Or Lead Capture Page
 E-mail Promotion Ads
 Banners and/or Text Links
 And Many More...

Virtual Cash Zone could well be
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===> last stop
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Active members can make serious money with our 4 unique income streams,
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  1) Commission From Direct Sales.
  2) Referral Commission On 5 (!) Level.
  3) Read E-Mails.
  4) Referral Contest Prices!

Direct Sales!

You get paid 50% commission of every product that you sell.
Just choose a product from our (ever growing) marketplace
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Each product has it's own set of promotion tools
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====> Multi Level Referral Commission!

Virtual Ca$h Zone pays you referral commission on 5 (!) levels!

When you refer someone to Virtual Cash Zone and this person makes a sale,
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This is a ====> PASSIVE income stream,
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  Level 1 (sales you make) - 50% on each sale!
  Level 2 - 10% on each sale!
  Level 3 - 5% on each sale!
  Level 4 - 5% on each sale!
  Level 5 - 10% on each sale!

Read E-Mail!

Our advertisers are happy to pay YOU to visit their websites!
You can get paid up to $0.10 (10 Cents) for every email that you read.
Every e-mail will contain a personal massage from the advertiser
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By clicking the link in the e-mail you will be redirected to the advertisers
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Note: maximum of 5 emails per day.
Your mailbox doesn't get cluttered with email messages!

Referral Contest Prices!

This is a sort of profit sharing. We, here at Virtual Ca$h Zone,
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Revenue made by Virtual Ca$h Zone will be used for organizing
referral contests. This is our way of rewarding our
members for being pro active Virtual Ca$h Zone members.

Within your back-office you will be notified when a new contest
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  1) Real Ca$h Prizes
  2) Top Sponsor Ads
  3) Solo E-Mail Ad (with funded cash link)
  4) Get Paid Direct Pay Per Signup

If you want to do so, you can skip the reading of the email,
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Get paid for referrals. - No residual, but extemly good for you + your
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You are eligible to be paid for the following,
1) commissions on purchases made by referrals at Linkreferral.com. This not
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2) New! You are now eligible for commissions on Basic member (free)
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3) As a Premium member, you will be paid handsomely for not only purchases
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Profit From Lead Generation

Get this Total System FREE - its a generic (!) system, by the way -
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We refer to the process as the 4 C`s System
Capture, Cultivate, Close & Copy.

It is all done online & is automated.

The online training system on how to use this exceptional tool
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The results from this system are astounding.

We Escaped the Rat Race - You can do it too.

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Profit From Lead Generation

What do you do when you have spoken to everybody in your Warm Market about
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Most people in MLM who are serious about being successful will go and buy
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usually not great quality, they are sold numerous times and generally do not
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Far too many people in MLM are losing money each month!

With Total MLM  you have an opportunity
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Imagine creating your own highly qualified leads for your
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Its called a Self Funded Lead Generation system. Total MLM is the
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How does it work? Its simple really ..

Using Total MLM As A Self Funded Marketing

Learn how you can use the Total MLM as a Self Funded Marketing
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Make Money $$$

As the new members that you have helped attract create their free membership
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So let us say you create 100 new leads in a month and 5% of them purchase
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The one time offer is $97 USD (which is a crazy low price) ... so your
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Remember ...
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On top of this some of these new members will also upgrade their membership
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So you will make money on these sales as well.

Now the next month you have $200 to invest in more advertising to give away
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What if you referred a 1,000 people in a month?
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Market Your Opportunity To Your Leads

Okay ... now this is where things get really exciting.

As you market your affiliate link you are ====> also building a database
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Now when you view your referred leads notice that you can email them.

That's right ... the Total MLM System allows you to email the leads
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You can send out one email to all of your leads once a week.

So you can now promote your MLM opportunity to all of your leads.

Or ... what many people using the Total MLM System have started doing is
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Note: When you upgrade to the Diamond Membership level you will save money
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Total MLM Leads system is a unique lead generation system
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Reversing The MLM Sponsoring Process!

This is SUCH an important information for you
that I have decided to give you an extra-article
on that crucial information.

Read this great article on subpage 2.
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By the way: this article is not only valid for MLM,
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for yours, too!

This is SUCH an important information for you
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Read this great article on subpage 2.
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